Servicing & Maintenance


Give your equipment the treatment it deserves with greater productivity and less downtime.

Servicing and feeding your waste water infrastructure regularly will ensure its lifelong protection and sustainability. Remote Water Western Australia experienced maintenance and operations division can provide just that – proactive support to optimise the performance of your investment.

Our NATA accredited technicians can ensure that your water treatment system is designed and operating to the highest standard, guaranteeing the quality of treated effluent and, most importantly, the safety of those utilising the water supply. RWWA has strong industry partnerships with complimentary support services and trades – providing complete coverage in all aspects of water and waste water treatment, including:

  • Licensed plumbers and electricians
  • PLC software development
  • Structural, environmental, chemical and process-design engineering
  • System audits with tailored solutions
  • System modifications and refurbishments

At RWWA we understand the challenges of supporting and maintaining water and waste water treatment infrastructure. Our full emergency breakdown and support crew are quick to respond and provide 24-hour emergency response services and ongoing support, ensuring consistent, reliable operation and optimal performance of your system.

Whether you’re in need of a simple service or are seeking ongoing maintenance for your water treatment system, get in touch today.

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