Chemical Dosing Systems


RWWA Chemical dosing systems are designed to provide an accurate, precisely measured delivery of a chemical or nutrient, in liquid or powdered form, to a medium such as water –  to meet a specifically required outcome or reaction.

RWWA offers a wide range of chemical dosing systems, from basic pH correction systems to fully automated, complex dosing systems. We harness the latest technology developments in the chemical delivery market, allowing us to provide an extensive selection of system designs for individual requirements. Our experienced engineers and manufacturing team have the expertise to tailor a system for almost any conceivable application, including:

  • Production of potable (drinking) water from surface or underground water sources
  • Treatment of wastewater and sewage effluent
  • Treatment of industrial waste streams
  • Mining and metals processing
  • Pharmaceuticals production
  • Food processing production and waste treatment
  • General water and wastewater treatment
  • Treatment of leechate and tailings from mining and refuse facilities
  • Remediation of soils and water bodies on contaminated Sites
  • Advanced destruction of water borne compounds (such as arsenic and cyanide)
  • Pathogen and hormone destruction
  • Agriculture – nutrient delivery and online fertiliser injection programs for crop yield optimisation
  • Advanced oxidation methods for unique applications such as PCB destruction.


At RWWA we custom build our dosing skids and containers to suit the requirements of our clients, whether this be a simple dosing system or a unique design integrating multiple dosing pumps and analysers.

Our chemical dosing systems cover:

  • Chemical supply, including most standard chemicals
  • Dosing pumps and accessories
  • Dosing skids
  • Chemical bunds
  • Chemical tanks
  • Dangerous goods containers
  • Bundings
  • Specialised chemical containers with inbuilt bunding


Discover a few of the projects currently receiving the quality treatment of our chemical dosing systems:

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