Water Treatment System Hire

For a short-term and cost effective water and wastewater treatment solution, we offer a wide range of our state-of-the-art systems for hire. Ensure consistent, reliable operation and optimal performance for your project without any considerable investment.

 The RWWA Hire Range includes:

  •  Wastewater biological treatment systems for 20 man – 1000 man work camps
  •  Packaged drinking water treatment systems containerised
  •  Ultrafiltration systems
  •  Reverse osmosis systems
  •  Chemical monitoring and injection systems
  •  Pumping systems and solutions
  •  Drinking water cooling systems containerised
  •  Potable water approved containerised water storage solutions
  •  Black and grey water containerised water storage solutions

Get in touch to discuss how hiring a RWWA industrial system can help you deliver your project on time and on budget.

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