Onsite Cleaning In Place (CIP) System

RWWA is proud to offer a purpose-built cleaning in place system to aid in the removal of built-up matter within the closed loop piping networks. The perfect solution for the metals and manufacturing industry.

Over many years of manufacturing we tend to take the internal state of our piping systems for granted. It is not until failure by low flow and increased pressure that we explore the possibility of blockage and, only to discover a 6” full bore pipeline line reduced to 3” due to the scaling and fouling. Pipe cleaning is too often overlooked as a preventative measure in the maintenance budget with the money spent elsewhere on more conventional assets year to year. Cleaning in place systems are the simple and effective solution for prolonging the life of your piping systems.



In close collaboration with our skilled structural engineers, we have designed and manufactured a custom, transportable cleaning in place (CIP) system.

Some key features include:

  • Constructed from 22 mm HDPE and reinforced with strengthening support, this is the robust solution the industry has been crying out for.
  • Our CIP system has been built with transport in mind, allowing for seamless transportation on a relatively compact tilt tray truck.
  • A fork tight provision for added mobility to allow optimal position in the plant room or around the site.
  • The internal structure of the rig has been fitted out with an overflow inlet weir, allowing even distribution throughout the tank with a capacity of 5 kl.
  • In the event of the main tank overflowing, an in-tank bund system has been integrated to capture overflow with a sound alarm initiated if the system is in operation.
  • An external lined membrane on the main acid rig will also capture any leakage in the unlikely event of an internal wall failure.
  • All material, valving and pumps have been specifically designed to cater for the use of even the harshest acids.
  • During and after the recirculation process, heavy metals will fall out of suspension and be collected into the sloped floor arrangement, where the slotted pipe will remove the settled matter by the provided drain valves.



For a complete turnkey solution, RWWA staff can analyse the base element by collecting a sample from the pipe’s internal surface and sending it to the laboratory for testing. Our in-house chemical engineering team can liaise with our network of trusted chemical manufacturers, sourcing the target chemistry to remove the scaling potential in the safest and most efficient manner possible.


At RWWA, we understand that a capital purchase may not be viable in every circumstance so offer our CIP systems for hire. We can also facilitate transport across Australia, take care of your system’s set-up and complete the cleaning procedure.



Avoid the expensive and time intensive process of replacing vast piping systems. Get in touch to discuss how a cleaning in place system could fit seamlessly within your site to deliver enhanced productivity.

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