Tarbat Sewage Treatment System

RWWA Eco Farmer 50

RWWA were awarded the contract by client Santos cooper basin projects to deliver a sewage treatment plant that catered for their remote camps waste water needs out at Tarbat operations. Due to the ever flocculating camp numbers (as low as 15 to 50 ep) it made the process difficult to convert the BOD and Nitrogen loadings placed on the plant.

The RWWA process team overcame the issue by utilising a biological additive yielding 900mg/ kilo of mass dosed through our dosing system set up, the results allow for a constant and stable mixed liquor within the aeration chambers vital to the growth of essential bacteria.

The system was completed within the confines of an as built container format making for road transportation an ease, built from the ground up and structurally certified the treatment system was the perfect fit for the environment, hand rails and ladder system compliant to the code allowed for safe height access and the turn key design limited the works to be performed whilst on site allowing the camp to continue with their day to day activities ready for the men by 6 pm. The treated effluent is then dispersed on the lease via sprinkler system and compliant to the overarching ERA as set out by the department of health.

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