Specialised Recovery RO System

rwts-specialised-ro-system4RWWA where engaged to engineer a solution in providing a recovery RO system allowing for our client to maximise their waste water potential on their production water streams.

The treated water stream extracted from the process was further used in the production facility reducing costs associated to water and minimising waste handling. The system design was configured as a Reverse osmosis filtration process, mechanically filtering and separating the waste from the treated permeate water. The difficulty with such a waste was the higher than anticipated inlet water temperature of 65 degree C, conductivity between 2000 – 9000 Ms depending on the process being disposed of and extremely high levels of COD.

To overcome this RWWA completed the design with 316 stainless steel 8040 filter membrane vessels, full stainless high pressure piping and C PVC manifold pipework on the permeate stream. The membrane selection was the key to the plant design and success with RWWA consulting a membrane manufacturing specialist in the United States solely focusing on membrane technology. Instrumentation of choice to keep in tying with the remainder of the factory was Krohne with the use of a front end Brix analyser, mag flow totalising and instant flow meters the valving being branded keystone spring return close.

System integration was tied in together with a Allan Bradly PLC 800 series and HMI panel view plus 7 screen allowing for the ability of remote telemetry access through a Ewon modem allowing off site operator to dial in and see visually see the plant operation. The integration also allowed for a full automated chemical cleaning ‘CIP’ process minimising the risk of chemical handling by onsite plant operators.

The entire build and engineering was completed in house with the RWWA team providing a complete solution.

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