BP Roadhouse Haigslea

rwts-bp-road-house-haigsly1RWWA were awarded the contract to develop a captive dispersal system for the newly developed BP Roadhouse in Haigslea, constructed by project builders Procon.

The system encompassed our robust EcoFarmer 100 waste water biological treatment plant, accommodating the waste of the restaurants, retailer outlets and general public. The EcoFarmer process a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) in design treats the final raw effluent to a Class B standard with an E.coli output of less than 10 cfu fit for irrigation.

The greatest hurdle of this project was real-estate, as the surrounding concrete hardstand used for the truck lay down area took up all available land which would have been used for irrigation. To overcome this,  RWWA, in consultation with local council, came to the conclusive solution of implementing a  captive dispersal system. This prevented the service station from pumping waste by truck to the transfer station. The irrigation dispersal network was compact, taking the form of 60 x 1m3 fibreglass pots situated in the a customised hot house igloo, planted with Alpinia Gingers. This was an effective solution that allowed for the final release water uptake produced by the treatment process.

A first for RWTS and the wastewater industry, a specialist designed irrigation network was developed with pot drainage to allow the plants to thrive all year round. RWWA, in consultation with various horticulturalists and soil experts, designed the soil for the condition of the final release water. Biannual soil samples are taken and analysed, allowing RWTS to seek immediate action if an issue were to arise with the soil make-up due to irrigation by reclaimed water.

The complete treatment and irrigation process is maintained to the highest of level to this day by RWWA technicians.

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