Bungaroo Chemical Dosing System & Plant Monitoring

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Accommodation villages for workers in remote locations rely on a secure water source as their drinking water supply. In many instances, where water is transported in and stored, additional chemistry is required to maintain effective chlorine residual.

The RWWA water treatment plant has provided a turnkey means of disinfecting the water supply in the Bungaroo FIFO camp to allow for safe consumption. For added convenience, a state-of-the-art monitoring system has been integrated to allow for full remote telemetry communication with the plant operator. This provides the plant operator with the ability to consistently check on the status of the plant and tank level from the convenience of their office.

The RWWA containerised water treatment solution caters to the needs of small rigger camps through to large stay-over camps. Our systems include the highest quality analysers and pumping equipment to deliver effective pH correction and chlorine dosing.

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